About Our Reports

5 Minute Accuracy

Our Precipitation Reporting Service (PRS) records precipitation and temperature data at 5 minute intervals 24 hours a day SHINC in increments of 0.2 mm to provide the accuracy necessary to match up with laytime statements and statements of facts.

Customized Reports

The PRS weather stations are equipped to calculate precipitation during snowfall, hail or sleet. PRS provides customized reports based on virtually any criteria and time frame clients may require, identifying precipitation periods in five minute intervals for the specific time period when a particular vessel was in port and calculating the total amount of rain time based on the rain periods the station recorded. All of our reports include a client specified "Ship’s Name".

Ship agents, owners, operators, charterers and shippers of weather sensitive cargoes will now have accurate data at their fingertips without the need to waste time interpreting "cryptic" Environment Canada data to create their own reports. We do it all!

The PRS weather stations are perfectly positioned to provide “on the spot” weather readings.

Vessel Reports

This report identifies precipitation periods by date, start and finish times (to the nearest 5 minutes). It also totals the precipitation and minutes for each period and for each day, during the client’s specified time-frame. This report will also accumulate time periods when and where the precipitation is constant.

See a sample Vessel Report for the M/V SUNRISE SERENITY from November 16th - December 6th, 2012