Why Would I?

A ShipNet PRS (Precipitation Reporting Service) is ideal for the following situations:

  1. For shipowners and operators: Verifying the validity of weather delays deducted from laytime, particularly for periods when a vessel is not working, or is awaiting berth.
  2. For shippers and charterers: Identifying periods outside of working hours when weather would have prevented a vessel from loading cargo. ***see below
  3. For surveyors or cargo interests pursuing weather related cargo damage claims: Identifying when cargo may have suffered weather damage.

Contact us at 604-886-3235 for more information on how the PRS service can assist you and your principals.

To ensure that all parties are properly informed, we recommend that a PRS be attached and referred to in the statement of facts.

Detail Reports: This report provides specific detail of recorded precipitation for continuous 5 minute intervals during a client specified time-frame.

*** Note the following interpretation of "Weather Working Day" according to the 1993 VOYAGE CHARTERPARTY LAYTIME INTERPRETATION RULES issued by BIMCO, CMI, FONABSA and INTERCARGO:
"WEATHER WORKING DAY" (WWD) or "WEATHER WORKING DAY OF 24 HOURS" or "WEATHER WORKING DAY OF 24 CONSECUTIVE HOURS" shall mean a working day of 24 consecutive hours except for any time when weather prevents the loading or discharging of the vessel or would have prevented it, had work been in progress.